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Zoku Quick Pop Maker + Recipes

It just turned winter here in Sydney.  

Fellow Sydney residents will think I’m crazy for posting about popsicles when it’s so chilly outside.

But my friends in the US have just seen the first of summer and will, I’m sure, welcome some recipes for popsicles!

When I first saw the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, I thought it was pretty neat.  

I contemplated purchasing one, but eventually I talked myself out of it.  

My reasoning was that it wasn’t much different than the traditional way of making popsicles.

You still have to freeze the Zoku base for 24 hours, but you only have to freeze popsicles 8-12 hours or so.  

Plus, after waiting the 24 hours to freeze the base, you still have to wait another 7-9 minutes to freeze the actual popsicles.  

I could just place my traditional plastic popsicle molds in the freezer overnight and have my popsicles sooner.

I could still see some flaws in my reasoning, but I couldn’t really afford the Zoku anyway, so I let the idea slip away for a while.

Until my mom gave me a $50 gift certificate to shop at Kitchenware Direct.  

I contemplated for a couple of weeks on what to buy, placing things in my online shopping cart to see the total price, then emptying the cart and starting again with another collection of goodies.  

Then I found that Kitchenware Direct stocked the Zoku Quick Pop Maker.  Hm.

A few days later, I was opening my package from Kitchenware Direct and placing my new Zoku Quick Pop Maker in the freezer.

We made a strawberry and raspberry yogurt-based popsicle after the Zoku’s initial 24-hour freeze.  

It was just a simple concoction of frozen strawberries, raspberry yogurt, milk, and honey.  

We poured the “smoothie” into the three popsicle molds, waited for 7 minutes, and checked them.  

Not frozen solid.  

I left them in about 3 minutes longer and they were frozen enough to pull out.  We screwed the orange knobby thing into the popsicle handles and they lifted out easily.

They had a great texture and I was really pleased with them.  

I couldn’t wait to make something more fun.  

I went searching online for fudgesicle recipes and came across a mocha one.  

It looked really tasty and was based on a recipe from David Lebovitz (so I knew it had to be good).

Before I begin with the recipes, I want you to know that you don’t need to have a Zoku to make these.  

You can just as well use the traditional popsicle molds!

This is basically a Vietnamese iced coffee popsicle with some cocoa powder mixed in.  

It is super easy to make and you should already have all the ingredients (coffee, sweetened condensed milk and cocoa powder) in your pantry. If you don’t have the cocoa powder, I tested out the alternatives here.

It took over 7 minutes for these popsicles to freeze as well.  

I figured out that it could be that the Zoku base was not completely frozen, as when I gently tilted it back and forth I could hear a slight sloshing sound inside.

This indicates that it’s not entirely frozen and that it may take longer to freeze popsicles.

These popsicles were just beautiful and tasted simply amazing.  

This is one recipe I’ll be using over and over again.  

They have a super strong hit of coffee, but it’s a lovely mocha taste.

The next recipe I wanted to try comes from Zoku’s own blog and is a super tropical treat.  

I’m sure this particular popsicle would cool off anyone on a hot day with the refreshing tastes of pineapple and coconut.

These were super delicious as well and I’ll definitely be making this recipe again and again!  

I suppose the only thing I didn’t like was the fact that the stringy fibers of the pineapple gave these popsicles a slightly odd texture and with some bites.

And made the popsicle look like it had hair sticking out of it!  

Other than that though, the taste of these popsicles deserves a 10 out of 10!

Yes, we were very cold when we were done enjoying our popsicles (it is winter here, after all), but it’s worth it.

But is the Zoku worth it?  

I suppose it is, after all, especially if you enjoy popsicles.  

Just keep the Zoku base in your freezer at all times, and yes, you really can have popsicles in under 10 minutes (if you don’t count the time it takes you to make whatever is you’re making to pour in the molds).  

The drawback is, you can only make 6 before you have to refreeze the base.  But unless you’re trying to make popsicles for a crowd, 6 should be plenty (or at least it is for our family of 5!).

Do you have a Zoku?  What is your favorite popsicle recipe?

Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles

An icy version of Vietnamese coffee.
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Course: Dessert
Servings: 5 popsicles
Author: David Lebovitz


  • 1 cup extra strong coffee or espresso chilled or at room temp
  • 1/3 cup sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 1/4 teaspoons unsweetened Dutch-processed cocoa powder


  • Pour the sweetened condensed milk into the coffee and stir until thoroughly combined. Sift cocoa powder over the top and stir until combined. I found this part a bit tricky because the cocoa powder kept clumping up! Taste the mixture and add more milk or cocoa, depending on your taste. I didn’t need to add any extra.
  • Pour into molds, as per the instructions for the Zoku, and wait up to 10 minutes to freeze (or just simply pour into plain old popsicle molds and freeze overnight).

Pineapple Coconut Popsicles

Icy, cold popsicles made with pineapples and coconuts.
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Course: Dessert
Servings: 4 popsicles
Author: Zoku


  • 4 ounces fresh pineapple I used canned pineapple in natural juice
  • 1/4 cup pineapple juice I used the juice from the can
  • 2 tablespoons unsweetened coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 tablespoons sweetened shredded coconut


  • Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into molds, as per the instructions for the Zoku, and wait up to 10 minutes to freeze (or just simply pour into plain old popsicle molds and freeze overnight).

26 thoughts on “Zoku Quick Pop Maker + Recipes”

  1. Do you have the Zoku Recipe Book? One came with the Zoku that I won from My Baking Addiction, but I have only tried one recipe – it was delicious!! I can’t wait to try all of them, and with it being summer, it’s a great time to do it! Can’t wait to try your recipes too!

    • I love this book! My friend borrowed mine and went out of town. Does anyone have the pop recipe that has lemon juice and sweetened condensed milk???? I need it today for a party!

  2. My kids gave me a Zoku for Mother’s day last year and we love it! Often we make juice with our juicer and will mix some of it with some plain greek yogurt and sometimes honey. My oldest son even makes “breakfast popsicles” with Cheerios, greek yogurt, honey and I little milk. Love that we control what goes in it. One of the best toys I have ever been given!

  3. I was just wondering if you could make an Indian mango kulfi with this? The traditional process is a long one but the fast freezing would give you a great result. If I win one, than I may give it a go.

  4. I like chocolate rum and raisin iceblocks, but my favorite is Pina colada iceblocks I use coconut essence, but I never thought of using coconut milk lol. I have to many favorites… coke frozen is my lazy go to but I would love to learn to make a choco mint one tho i just use small containers to make my iceblocks casue Im too busy buying cupcake prettyness to get old school iceblock molds lol.
    Also OMG an Aussie competition. I found you thur Google while trying ot find a red velvet cupcake recipe for Wednesday next week.
    thanks again 😛

  5. We used sweetened mango pulp straight from the can – terrific. We then used sweetened mango pulp half /half with yogurt and some lemon — even better!

  6. I gave my hubby the zoku maker for fathers day ((bc he really wanted it)) 🙂 and I made the fudge pops from the zoku recipe but layered it with crushed thin mint girl scout cookies….A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

  7. I tried these tonight! They were a hit… I, however, thought the texture was a little strange with the coconut in them. I still liked them, just wasn’t a huge fan of the texture 🙂

    • Yeah, I mentioned that in my post! The texture isn’t quite desirable, but the taste is great. The mocha ones are really good. I recently made the cherry pops recipes from the Zoku blog as well with the homemade magic shell – DELICIOUS! I will be posting about them soon.

      • If you don’t have a Vitamix, sell your car and buy one. It’ll completely liquify both the pineapple and coconut and give you just the right texture.

  8. I just got a Zoku for Christmas. I’ve only made a few popsicles but they were really good. I love the Zoku and am looking for a good deal on the recipe book, tools, and the storage case.

  9. Love Zoku pops! Has anyone ever tried the Samoa pop from th Zoku recipe book? Delecious! Try looking at the Zoku website blog. It’s amazing!

  10. We have a Zoku, and I love to make “slim fast” in it. I use the powder and milk method and pour into the pop maker. So yummy, healthy and also a fun meal. Breakfast on the go is awesome.

  11. I’m on my 3rd machine. I bought one a while back and returned it because I could’t get them to come out. Tried the 2nd one…same problem….. about a year or so later here I am with a new single pop machine. just pulled it out of the freezer, where it has been for the last 3 days and this time I got the stick out, but not the pop. I used this recipe http://www.sunset.com/food-wine/kitchen-assistant/berry-bonanza-00400000014839/page3.html only thing i changed was i used frozen fruit since that is what I had on hand. I also let the mixture sit in the fridge to get cold before i put it in. Help!!! I really would like to enjoy the Zoku. I may just be destined to do it the “old fashion” way

    • It is VERY important that you set the stick down in the well and don’t move it at all before you pour the pop ingredients in around it. The orange thing that you put over the handle of the stick will pop them right out if you have the stick down in there right. Good luck!

    • Um…did you read the instruction manual? If you follow that, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the pops to come out–or having the stick come out without the pop. The instructions explicitly tell you that if you use soft ingredients like pudding or ice cream the stick may slide out….and there are several things you can do wrong that can cause your pops to stick in the mold, which the instruction manual details…

  12. Jamie, you are the popsicle queen! All of your recipes sound delicious!
    The popcorn ones are so cute with the popcorn on the outside!

  13. I read all the comments and wanted the Zocu until I came across the one who was having problems getting the popcicle out of the container. According to “things” made today – this is the norm and not the exception. In any case I will wait a while and read more comments before I decide to make a purchase.

  14. I was very happy after using the machine twice although I realised the supertool was almost more sluggish every time I tried to pull the pops out. Last night the tool just stripped. It would not wind up further than a crtain resistance and then I have to start winding up again… my dad always said a screw “stripped” I could actually see metal shavings inside the supertool. Being a woman, I find it hard to believe that I can generate that amount of force plus I was using coconut cream, which is not that hard..

  15. I just got one for some fun with my kids during summer break and it has quickly become a food group here. I have found that if you pour in your mix and replace the whole thing back in the freezer for the 10 minutes you can just keep on making them all day long, they freeze faster too. No more limit to 3 rounds! It works so well because they come out so cleanly so unless you spill a lot on the top, you can just keep going for a while before having to thaw a bit to clean and dry thoroughly. Have fun!

  16. My favourite two recipes are hard for me to choose between. They are very simple and basic, lazy man ones. The first is any kind of yogurt, just fill, freeze, enjoy. The second is a chai tea cold drink that my husband got me for a treat. I froze it to try one and wow, it was like heaven on a hot day. I have printed out some other recipes and will be trying them this summer for sure. Thanks for sharing.


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