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What To Serve With Seared Tuna – 33 BEST Side Dishes

If you’re wondering what to serve with your seared tuna, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I list 33 of the most popular side dishes for seared tuna.

In a rush? Here’s the short answer.

The best side dishes to serve with seared tuna are pineapple salsa, seaweed salad, or a shaved fennel salad. For something more hearty, try wasabi mashed potatoes, marinated white beans, or mango couscous. Other options include zoodles or eggplant caponata.

Ready? Let’s jump right in.

Pineapple salsa

Bring bright summer flavors to your tuna with this pineapple salsa.

It’s a vibrant topping that you can whip up in 15 minutes.

And it’s naturally sweet and refreshing with every bite.

Why we love this recipe: it looks as good as it tastes.

Featured recipe
Pineapple salsa
Go traditional
Pico de gallo
Make it spicy
Spicy corn salsa

Shaved fennel salad

Impress your guests with seared tuna and shaved fennel salad combo.

Fennel is tasty enough on its own that you don’t need many other ingredients, just a light lemon dressing (and don’t worry – it doesn’t taste like licorice!).

Why we love this recipe: you only need 3 ingredients.

Featured recipe
Simple fennel salad
Jazz it up
Fennel with cucumber and radish
Make it fruity
Peach and fennel slaw

Sauteed spinach

There’s nothing like a ten-minute veggie side to complete your seared tuna dinner.

Sauteed spinach is super light and healthy, and this recipe keeps the falvors simple with onions and garlic.

But the variations are endless. Try mixing in some bacon bits for a more savory bite or roasted sweet potatoes for a more substantial side.

Why we love this recipe: it’s perfect when you’re in a rush.

Featured recipe
Sauteed spinach
Make it spicy
Sriracha broccoli
Make it colorful
Roasted vegetables

Asian style wasabi mash

Serve a hearty meal by pairing your seared tuna with some mashed potatoes.

But these aren’t any old mash spuds.

They’re flavored with nutty sesame oil, spicy wasabi, and fresh chives. 

Trust me, it’s dangerously addicting.

Why we love this recipe: it’s unique and interesting.

Featured recipe
Wasabi mashed potatoes
Make a salad
Japanese potato salad
Make it low-carb
Mashed cauliflower

Seaweed salad

I couldn’t have a side dish list for seared tuna without including seaweed (my favorite option)!

This salad is full of nutrients and has a balanced salty-tangy taste from the seaweed and rice vinegar.

And there are sesame seeds and green onion to give it a pop of crunch too.

Why we love this recipe: it’s a cold salad you can make in ten minutes.

Featured recipe
Seaweed salad
Make it crispy
Crispy seaweed
Skip the seaweed
Japanese spinach salad

Eggplant caponata

Go with an Italian theme for your seared tuna and serve it over a bed of eggplant caponata.

It’s got a sweet-but-sour flavor thanks to the olives and capers, and a chunky texture.

Psst… you can serve this at any temperature, but I prefer it when it’s slightly warm.

Why we love this recipe: it keeps really well, so you can prepare it well ahead of time.

Featured recipe
Eggplant caponata
Make it refreshing
Italian salsa
Keep it Asian
Miso roasted eggplant

Asian slaw

Asian slaw is much lighter than your traditional American slaw so it won’t overwhelm the delicate tuna.

The dressing is made from honey, vinegar, and soy sauce – a finger lickingly good combination.

And the fresh veggies will add a crunchy contrast to your soft tuna.

Why we love this recipe: you can incorporate any veggies you want into this slaw.

Featured recipe
Asian slaw
Make it creamy
Creamy coleslaw
Keep it simple
Scallion slaw

Marinated white beans

If you want something simple, filling, and flavorful then these marinated white beans are the way to go.

This recipe uses red wine vinegar, lemon juice, and fresh parsley to brighten up the cannellini beans.

But you can play around with different herbs until you find a combination you LOVE.

Why we love this recipe: it’s super easy to prepare.

Featured recipe
Marinated white beans
Add more stuff
White bean salad
Make it warm
Warm white beans with roasted fennel

Zucchini noodles

Zucchini noodles are a great alternative to pasta, which I think is too heavy for seared tuna.

You can pan-fry them, steam them, or just eat them raw – it’s up to you.

I prefer to have them al dente because the more you cook them, the more watery they can become.

Why we love this recipe: you can dress it up and flavor it however you want!

Featured recipe
Make it easy
Marinated zucchini salad
Make it crispy
Zucchini fries

Mango couscous salad

Another hearty option is a couscous salad.

You can throw it together in just 15 minutes (including cooking the couscous) and the juicy mango will coat the couscous grains with a delicious sweetness.

Psst… for some heat, add a pinch of red pepper flakes.

Why we love this recipe: it’s great for summer.

Featured recipe
Mango couscous salad
Make a classic
Isreali couscous salad
Skip the couscous
Mango and avocado salad

Coconut rice

Use your seared tuna to make a rice bowl with a base of this coconut rice.

It’s creamy, fluffy, and easy.

And this recipe uses a mixture of coconut milk and coconut water to get maximum flavor without too much richness.

Why we love this recipe: it’s a one-pot dish.

Featured recipe
Coconut rice
Go low-carb
Cauliflower rice
Make it fresh
Cilantro lime rice

What sauce goes with seared tuna?

The best sauce to serve with seared tuna is an Asian dipping sauce like a spicy ponzu sauce or a soy-ginger sauce. A peanut dipping sauce or a smooth mango sauce would work too. For a more western option, try a bright salsa verde or a garlic aioli.

The best sauce to serve with seared tuna:

What To Serve With Seared Tuna

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your seared tuna.
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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American, Asian
Keyword: seared tuna side dishes, what to serve with seared tuna
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 1 person
Calories: 153kcal


  • 1 portion seared tuna


  • Prepare your seared tuna according to your favorite recipe.
  • In the meantime, choose one of the following sides to serve alongside it.
  • Side dishes include: pineapple salsa, shaved fennel salad, sauteed spinach, Asian style wasabi mash, seaweed salad, eggplant caponata, Asian slaw, marinated white beans, zucchini noodles, mango couscous salad, and coconut rice.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 153kcal

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