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What To Serve With Samosas – 11 Delicious Side Dishes

If you’re wondering what to serve with your samosas, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I list 11 of the most popular side dishes for samosas.

In a rush? Here’s the short answer.

The best dishes to serve with samosas are vegetable korma, onion bhajis, lentil dahl, kachumber, or Bombay carrot salad. The best dips to serve with samosas are mango chutney, tamarind sauce, cucumber raita, or cilantro mint chutney. If you’re having the samosa as a snack, serve them with chai tea. 

Ready? Let’s jump right in.

Tamarind sauce

Although it takes 30 minutes to make, this Indian tamarind sauce is worth the trouble. 

It has a tart flavor that will balance out richly flavored samosas, with a hint of sweetness that keeps you coming back for more.

Once you learn how to make this authentic tamarind sauce, you’ll never choose a store-bought one again.

You can freeze it too, so you’ll always have some on hand when you need it.

Kachumber salad

Brighten up your samosas with a serving of kachumber on the side. 

This Indian salsa is simple and incredibly easy to put together (it only takes 10 minutes). 

Diced cucumber and tomatoes are tossed in lemon juice with cayenne pepper, cumin, and red onions. Then your work is done!

The citrusy notes of lemon will help to cut through the greasiness of your samosas and keep the meal fresh.

Vegetable korma

Curry and samosas is a classic combination.

The flaky pastry and stuffed insides are perfect for soaking up a tasty curry sauce.

Any curry will work, but I had to pick one. So I went for the universally-loved korma. 

It’s not spicy, so you don’t have to worry if the samosas have a little heat. And the creamy sauce is oh-so-comforting. 

Making vegetable korma is also a great way to use up any old veggies you have lying around in your fridge.

Cucumber raita

Having a plateful of fiery samosas for dinner?

Serve them alongside a yogurt-based dip like cucumber raita. 

The creamy yogurt and refreshing cucumber will balance out any heat from the spices in your samosas, or just mellow them out.

This 15-minute cucumber raita is essential when you’re having Indian food.

Psst… I also really like this pineapple raita.

Onion bhajis

No Indian-themed party would be complete without a few onion bhajis.

Serve them on the same plate as the samosas alongside a few dipping sauces.

But be warned, if you’re planning to serve these dishes as a starter – there’s a real danger the guests won’t have any room left for the mains.

Follow this guide from happy and harried to make onion bhajis at home. I use an air fryer to cut down on oil.

Tomato rasam 

Tomato rasam is an Indian version of the classic tomato soup.

As you’d expect, it’s packed with flavor and a little complicated to make. But once you taste the first bite, you’ll be hooked. 

Serve it alongside your samosa for a warm, comforting meal. 

And don’t forget to save a bite of samosa to wipe the bowl clean at the end.

Follow The Kitchn for the full recipe.

Chana masala

Chana masala is a hearty chickpea curry. 

It’s freezer-friendly, so you can make a big batch and warm it up whenever you fancy.

And when you add a few crunchy samosas on the side, you’ll have a satisfying, vegan meal that everyone can enjoy. 

Serve this chana masala for a delicious bowl of goodness. Sometimes I like to add kidney beans and mushrooms too for variation.

Mango chutney

Okay – this is the last dip I promise. 

But I couldn’t finish the list without mentioning my favorite Indian condiment. 

Mango chutney – it’s sweet and sticky with a hint of spice.

And you only need six ingredients to make it (plus a few optional extras, but that’s always the case with Indian food).

Dip your crunchy samosas into this bright mango chutney and enjoy every bite.

Psst… I’m going to sneak another dip suggestion in here with a cilantro mint chutney.

Lentil Dahl

Dhaal is a great option when you fancy a curry but also want to keep things light. 

You can use your samosas to scoop up a big load of the lentil-y sauce before taking a bite.

This red lentil dahl will put a smile on everyone’s face. It goes really well with a refreshing side of kachumber on the side too!

Bombay carrot salad

In a rush?

This carrot salad is here to save the day. 

All you need to do is toss the ingredients in a bowl and mix.

The crunchy carrots will be a healthy addition to your plate, and the vibrant colors will bring a summery feel to the meal. 

The cashews add extra texture, and the raisins bring a sweetness that helps round the dish off. 

What are you waiting for? Spice up your life with this carrot salad.

Indian ginger tea

The British have tea and biscuits, and India has tea and samosas. 

If you’ve never tried chai before you’re in for a treat. It’s creamy, aromatic, and soothing.

It will revitalize you and give you a little pick me up if you’re feeling run down. 

This 10-minute chai ginger tea is the perfect warming treat for a winter’s day, you can serve it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a snack!

The best side dishes to serve with samosas

  • Tamarind sauce
  • Kachumber salad
  • Vegetable korma
  • Cucumber raita
  • Onion bhajis
  • Tomato rasam
  • Chana masala
  • Mango chutney
  • Lentil Dahl
  • Bombay carrot salad
  • Indian ginger tea

What To Serve With Samosas

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your samosas.
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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Indian
Keyword: samosas side dishes, what to serve with samosas
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Servings: 1 person
Calories: 262kcal


  • 1 portion samosas


  • Prepare your samosas according to your favorite recipe.
  • In the meantime, choose one of the following sides to serve alongside it.
  • Side dishes include: tamarind sauce, kachumber salad, vegetable korma, cucumber raita, onion bhajis, tomato rasam, chana masala, mango chutney, lentil dahl, Bombay carrot salad, and Indian ginger tea.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 262kcal

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