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What To Serve With Potstickers [19 Delicious Side Dishes]

Potstickers are an Asian delight that have infiltrated Western cuisine. They’re usually filled with a mix ground pork or chicken and finely chopped vegetables like cabbage and green onions, but are most famous for their crispy-on-the-bottom and tender-on-the-top textures.

These 19 side dishes are perfect for serving alongside potstickers. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a hearty dish, a healthy dish, or something super quick to make.

The best dishes to serve with potstickers are teriyaki fried rice, cucumber salad, lo mein, and karaage. For healthier options, try easy kimchi, bok choy with garlic sauce, and steamed brocolli. You can also serve them with miso soup or yaktori skewers.

Steamed broccoli

Keep it classic and healthy with a side of steamed broccoli. This simple yet nutritious vegetable is the perfect understated companion to potstickers, letting their flavors shine while providing a boost of nutrients.

Steamed to tender perfection (but still with some crunch), the broccoli florets will absorb any sauce or seasoning you choose to add, from a sprinkle of sea salt to a light drizzle of sesame oil. Hot sauce is never a bad idea either.

Teriyaki fried rice

Rice is the quintessential accompaniment to potstickers. 

But if you find steamed white rice a bit boring, try this jazzed-up teriyaki fried rice instead. 

This dish features pineapple tidbits and teriyaki sauce, which infuses your rice with a classic sweet and tangy flavor.

The vibrant veggies and pineapple chunks make this teriyaki fried rice a real show-stopper.

Smashed cucumber salad

This cucumber salad is a superb side dish for your potstickers. The crisp cucumber pieces are drenched in a garlicky, tangy dressing that has a light spicy kick. 

You’ll want to have this Chinese smashed cucumber salad over and over again.

Pro Tip: Japanese cucumbers are the best to use for this salad, but any type will work/

Bok choy with garlic sauce

Keep things simple by serving your potstickers with this bok choy dish. 

The garlic sauce – made from just five ingredients – does wonders in elevating your blanched bok choy. And it’s chock-full of delicious umami flavors that’ll leave you licking your plate. 

Give this bok choy with garlic sauce recipe a try for dinner tonight!

Edamame beans

Brighten up your potsticker spread with a bowl of edamame beans.

These young, green soybeans, served in their pods, are a fun and interactive appetizer or side. Lightly steamed and sprinkled with a pinch of salt, the have a subtly sweet and nutty flavor that complements the savory taste of potstickers beautifully.

You can also roast or pan fry them.

Geotjeori (easy kimchi)

Whether you’re making a Korean version of potstickers or just the traditional recipe, this quick kimchi is an excellent accompaniment.

Unlike traditional kimchi, this recipe doesn’t involve any fermentation.

The result? Kimchi that doesn’t have that an overpoweringly fermented flavor. Plus, you won’t need to wait for days before you can enjoy it.

This quick kimchi recipe is a great light addition to your potstickers.


Elevate your potsticker dining experience with a side of yakitori, a popular Japanese skewered chicken.

It looks hard to make, but it’s actually really easy once you’ve gathered all the ingredients. I always make the sauce ahead of time too and keep it in the fridge, so I need to do is assemble the skewers when it comes to dinner time.

Psst… chicken thigh is the most tender meat.

Hot and sour soup

This classic Chinese soup is a symphony of tastes, combining the heat from white pepper and the tang from vinegar to create its signature flavor profile. It’s also got a load of different textures, with tofu, wood ear mushrooms, and bamboo shoots.

A spoonful of this soup is enough to warm you up and prepare your taste buds for the dumplings to come. Yum.


Karaage is the Japanese version of fried chicken, and is a great pairing for potstickers if you want more pickky-bits.

To make the karaage, you need to marinate bite-sized pieces of chicken in soy sauce, ginger, and garlic, then coating them in potato starch and deep-fry them. Pro tip: The key to successful deep frying is making sure the oil is hot enough.

Garlic shrimp stir fry

Curb your cravings for Chinese takeaway with homemade potstickers and a side of this shrimp stir fry.

The veggies and shrimp are sauteed with this finger-licking good garlic stir-fry sauce that packs a hot and spicy punch. 

There’s no need for takeaway when you can have this garlic shrimp stir fry cooked in just 15 minutes.

Instant ramen

Take your usual instant ramen up a notch – ditch the seasoning packet and make your own flavorful broth instead. It’s healthier and tastier this way. 

Couple Eats Food’s recipe upgrades your instant ramen with a made-from-scratch spicy and creamy miso broth.

Serve your upgraded ramen with some potstickers on the side and a jammy egg on top.

Beef and broccoli 

Planning to serve veggie potstickers? Add more protein to your meal with beef and broccoli.

This protein-packed Chinese takeaway favorite is a one-pan wonder that is ridiculously easy to make. It has a sauce with the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors, making this dish highly irresistible. 

This beef and broccoli is an excellent addition to your weekly meal rotation.  

Mapo tofu

Thinking about what dish to add to your Chinese banquet?

Look no further than this mapo tofu. It’s a classic Sichuan dish that’s traditionally very hot and spicy. 

But don’t worry, Oh My Food Recipes’ rendition is less spicy so everyone can taste and enjoy the dish’s delectable flavors.

Thai green papaya salad

Add a refreshing bite to your potstickers with this papaya salad on the side. 

If you haven’t had this salad yet, you’re missing out. The crisp papaya and veggies are dressed in an addictive sweet and zesty dressing. This salad already has a mild spiciness but you can amp it up by adding more chilis. 

Give this Thai green papaya salad a try – you won’t regret it.

Asian sesame slaw

Coleslaw may not be traditionally Asian, but it’s still a great dish to serve with your potstickers.

The mixture of crisp veggies and fluffy, chewy quinoa, plus the sesame ginger dressing makes for a deliciously satisfying bite.

You can make this slaw ahead of time, just don’t add the dressing until you’re ready to serve. 

Here’s the full recipe: Asian sesame and ginger slaw.

Lo mein

Serve your potstickers with a side of these 10-minute noodles for a hearty pairing.

Noodles are the perfect base for absorbing flavors, so all you need to do is toss them in a tasty sauce and maybe add a few veggies to complete your dish. I like using bell peppers, carrots, and cabbage.

Pro tip: use fresh noodles if you can, I find they always have a better texture than dried noodles.

Miso soup

This miso soup is a must-have side for potstickers. 

It’s extra flavorful, healthy, and heartwarming – what’s not to love?

You might think a flavorsome broth would take hours to make, but you only need 10 minutes to make this one.

Head on over to Rasa Malaysia for this simple and authentic miso soup recipe.

Crab wontons

Serving potstickers for your party? 

These crab wontons pair superbly with them. 

They may not be traditionally Chinese, but they’re highly addictive and delicious (so I can forgive them).

These homemade crab rangoon dumplings are better than their takeout counterparts and can be ready to serve in as little as 25 minutes.

Spicy Szechuan green beans

Turn up the heat with these spicy Szechuan green beans. They’re pretty fiery, so perfect for anyone who loves a bit of spice with their potstickers.

The green beans are flash-fried and then tossed in a sauce made from chili paste, garlic, and Szechuan peppercorns (which give the dish its signature mouth-numbing tingle).

Psst… this recipe use MSG, but don’t worry, it’s totally optional and I thought it still tasted great without it.

What To Serve With Potstickers [19 Sides]

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your potstickers.
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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Chinese
Keyword: potstickers side dishes, what to serve with potstickers
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Servings: 1 person
Calories: 256kcal


  • 1 portion potstickers


  • Prepare your potstickers according to your favorite recipe.
  • In the meantime, choose one of the following sides to serve alongside it.
  • Side dishes include: Steamed broccoli, Teriyaki fried rice, Smashed cucumber salad, Bok choy with garlic sauce, Edamame beans, Geotjeori (easy kimchi), Yakitori, Hot and sour soup, Karaage, Garlic shrimp stir fry, Instant ramen, Beef and broccoli, Mapo tofu, Thai green papaya salad, Asian sesame slaw, Lo mein, Miso soup, Crab wontons, Spicy Szechuan green beans
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 256kcal

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