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What To Serve With Lamb Koftas [20 Side Dishes]

Lamb koftas are a popular Middle Eastern dish, featuring ground lamb that’s seasoned with a blend of spices such as cumin, coriander, and paprika. Mixed with fresh herbs like parsley and mint, these skewers are then grilled or fried to perfection.

Here are 20 delicious and easy to make side dishes that complement lamb koftas perfectly.

The best side dishes to serve with lamb koftas are pita bread, beetroot hummus, and apple pistachio Israeli couscous. You can also serve a side of Mejadra rice, Greek potato wedges, or Mediterranean chickpea stew. For salad options, there’s tabbouleh salad, Turkish bulgur salad, or red cabbage slaw.

Pita bread

Pita bread is a classic side for lamb koftas.

But you might not realize how many different ways you can use them.

You can make toasted chips out of them, or a gyros wrap, or (my favorite option) an open-faced sandwich.

Psst… don’t forget some dips like hummus or tzatziki sauce.

Why we love this recipe: it’s surprisingly easy to make your own.

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Shredded brussel sprout salad

Brussel sprouts and lamb kofta?

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

The sprouts bring a mild earthiness to the salad, which is complemented by the honey mustard dressing.

But the best part about this salad is the cranberries, they have a sweetness that works really well with the lamb.

Why we love this recipe: it’s great if you’re nearing the holiday season.

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Rice pilaf 

Swap your boring plain white rice for this flavor-filled rice pilaf.

The rice is cooked in broth and then light spiced with warming notes of cinnamon, cardamon, and cumin.

Pair it with your lamb koftas for a cozy weeknight meal.

Why we love this recipe: it’s full of Middle-Eastern influence.

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Carrot sesame salad

Your guests won’t be able to get enough of this carrot salad because it’s tossed in an addictive sesame and miso dressing.

It’s also light, refreshing, and colorful.

Perfect served alongside other salads, or served in a wrap with the lamb koftas.

Why we love this recipe: it transforms a simple ingredient into something amazing.

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Roasted cherry tomatoes

It doesn’t take much to bring out the juiciness of tomatoes – just roast them!

It’s such a simple thing, but I think a helping of on-the-vine roasted cherry tomatoes instantly elevates a dish and makes it feel fancier.

Why we love this recipe: you only need three ingredients.

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Greek potato wedges

Keep things simple with some potato wedges.

These Greek-style wedges are seasoned with a classic combination of garlic powder, smoked paprika, and herbs – plus a surprise ingredient of lemon zest.

Psst… not a fan of these spices? You can also use things like cayenne, cumin, or even cinnamon.

Why we love this recipe: you gey so much more potato-y goodness compared to normal fries.

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Middle Eastern lentils and rice (Mejadra)

Not feeling the fruity rice I mentioned above?

Try this Middle Eastern spiced rice instead.

The best part about the lentil and rice mixture is the sweet crisp onion topping – you can use shop bought crispy onions, but if you have time I think it’s worth the effort to make your own.

They’re just so yummy.

Psst… it tastes great with a cooling dip like tzatziki.

Why we love this recipe: it’s a traditional dish that’s simple but lets the flavors sing.

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Tabbouleh salad

Tabbouleh is probably one of the tastiest salads you’ll ever try.

It’s a world away from the (dare I say it) boring leafy green salads we sometimes default to.

The green in the salad comes exclusively from herbs – parsley and mint to be exact.

And the lemon juice ensures it’s super refreshing – great for hot days.

Why we love this recipe: you can get it on the table in 15 minutes.

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Apple pistachio Israeli couscous

Apple pistachio Israeli couscous is a unique side that will wow your guests, without taking much effort to make!

A winning combination.

The fresh herbs, and crisp apples make for a sweet-but-tangy flavor combination, while the pistachios bring the crunch.

Psst… in the summer try swapping the apples for apricots.

Why we love this recipe: it will stay fresh in the fridge for a few days, so you can have the leftovers for lunch.

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Mediterranean chickpea stew

If you’re after a warm and comforting dish, you’ve just found it!

This tomato-based stew is perfect for a cold winter’s night and is great next to some lamb koftas with a chunk of crusty bread.

It scores pretty highly in the good-for-you department as well, with lots of protein and fiber. 

If you want extra heat, just add more cayenne pepper.

Why we love this recipe: it’s a one-pot meal that only takes 20 minutes to put together.

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Swap dinner for brunch with this shakshuka.

Just thinking about dipping some lamb koftas into the sweet tomato sauce mixed with rich egg yolks makes me hungry.


Why we love this recipe: it works for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Red cabbage slaw

Fresh, colorful, and creamy, this red cabbage coleslaw has got it all.

But don’t feel limited if you want to add some extras – I’m a fan of adding shredded broccoli stalks or some diced jalapenos for a bit of spice.

And sometimes I swap the mayo for Greek yogurt to give the dish a lighter feel.

Why we love this recipe: it’s perfect if you’re cooking for a crowd.

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Beetroot hummus

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned a dip yet.

Dip your lamb koftas into this gorgeous beetroot hummus – it’s got an earthy beetroot flavor, but it’s not so strong that it’s all you can taste.

My top tip? Roast the garlic along with the beetroot for more depth of flavor.

Why we love this recipe: it looks as good as it tastes.

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Roasted Mediterranean vegetables

Vegetables are cheap, healthy, and filling.

And I think roasting is the best way to cook them because it brings out their natural sweetness and the edges get slightly crisp.

You can use any vegetables, but this recipe uses a Mediterranean mix of summer squash, red onions, zucchini, and halloumi.

Why we love this recipe: the oven does most of the work for you.

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Turkish bulgur salad (Kisir)

This Turkish bulgur salad is healthy, herbaceous, and tangy thanks to the tomato paste and pomegranate molasses,

Psst… I like to add in actual pomegranate seeds as well for a splash of color.

And if you can’t find pomegranate molasses, the easiest thing to do is add some lemon and honey instead.

Why we love this recipe: it’s easy to bulk out with some extra veggies if you want.

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Cucumber Yogurt Dip (Tzatziki)

Dive into the refreshing world of tzatziki, a cucumber yogurt dip that’s the epitome of cool.

This creamy concoction is made with grated cucumber, thick Greek yogurt, and a hint of garlic, then finished off with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of fresh dill.

Psst… not keen on dill? Mint is a great alternative that still keeps things authentic.

Why we love this recipe: it’s ideal if you’ve over-spiced your koftas.

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Fattoush salad

Fattoush salad is colorful and bursting with the freshness of garden vegetables, then instead of standard croutons, toasted pita bread adds crunch.

The main ingredients are juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, and a signature sumac dressing. Sumac has a lemony flavor, so to substitute it you can use lemon zest combined with a pinch of salt.

Why we love this recipe: it’s a brilliant way to use up leftover pita.

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Eggplant with tahini sauce

Grilled eggplant with tahini sauce is a dish that promises to convert even the most skeptical veggie eaters into eggplant enthusiasts.

You’ve got spicy. smokey eggplant, an umami rich sauce, and pomegranate seeds for texture and a burst of acidity.

Here are two tips I always use when cooking eggplant. First, scoring the flesh will help the seasonings penetrate properly, and second, for an extra smoky flavor, char the eggplant on an open flame.

Why we love this recipe: it’s a showstopper that’s surprisingly simple to prepare.

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Moroccan carrot salad

Embark on a culinary journey with this Moroccan carrot salad, a dish that brings sweet carrots and aromatic spices like cumin and cinnamon together in harmony.

A touch of citrus from orange juice and a sprinkle of fresh parsley or cilantro add layers of flavor, making sure each bite is balanced. You’ll need to plan slightly ahead because the salad needs to chill for two hours before serving.

Why we love this recipe: it’s a refreshing take on carrots, proving they’re anything but boring.

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Saffron rice with almonds

I found this side dish years ago on a Dominican Republic cooking blog, which I thought was very exotic.

The same blog taught me that when Dominicans cook rice, there is always some stuck to the bottom of the pan and they call this ‘concon’. You’re supposed to scrape it off the bottom and serve it as a garnish on the meal.

Psst… want to enhance the richness? Cook the rice in broth instead of water.

Why we love this recipe: it’s an exquisite blend of textures and flavors.

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What sauce to serve with lamb koftas?

The best sauces to serve with lamb koftas are a classic tatziki, a yoghurt lemon dip, or a hummus. For something more unique, try a salsa verde or a spinach and feta cheese dip.

What To Serve With Lamb Koftas [20 Ideas]

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your lamb koftas.
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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Keyword: lamb kofta side dishes, what to serve with lamb koftas
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 1 person
Calories: 218kcal


  • 1 portion lamb koftas


  • Prepare your lamb koftas according to your favorite recipe.
  • In the meantime, choose one of the following sides to serve alongside it.
  • Side dishes include: pita bread, shredded brussel sprout salad, rice pilaf, carrot sesame salad, roasted cherry tomatoes, greek potato wedges, middle eastern lentils and rice (mejadra), tabbouleh salad, apple pistachio Israeli couscous, Mediterranean chickpea stew, shakshuka, red cabbage slaw, beetroot hummus, roasted Mediterranean vegetables, and Turkish bulgur salad (kisir).
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 218kcal

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