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What To Serve With Kimchi – 45 BEST Side Dishes

If you’re wondering what to serve with your kimchi, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I list 45 of the most popular side dishes for kimchi.

In a rush? Here’s the short answer.

The best dishes to serve with kimchi are Korean BBQ pork, avocado toast, Korean dumplings, shrimp pineapple fried rice, and braised short ribs. You can also try cheese omelette, kimchi loaded fries, beer-battered fish tacos, chicken wings, Korean sushi rolls, or omletes. 

Ready? Let’s jump right in.

Korean BBQ pork

The key to tasty homemade BBQ meat is to marinate the meat overnight.

The long soak ensures the meat fully absorbs all the sweet-savory goodness from the Korean marinade. 

Grill the pork and stuff it in fresh lettuce leaves with your favorite kimchi for the full K-BBQ experience.

Psst… no grill pan? You can fry the pork instead. 

Why we love this recipe: most of the ingredients are store cupboard staples.

Featured recipe
Korean BBQ pork
Make it traditional
Boiled pork wraps (bossam)
Fire up the stovetop
Braised Korean pork belly

Twice-baked sweet potatoes

Pairing these twice-baked spuds with kimchi might not be traditional, but it’s a combination that makes sense. 

The spuds’ sweet, creamy filling perfectly contrasts the kimchi’s tangy, spicy flavors. 

Pro tip: don’t overmix the starchy filling or it will become gummy. And don’t skimp on the cheese.

Why we love this recipe: they’re guaranteed crowd-pleasers.

Featured recipe
Twice-baked sweet potatoes
Keep it simple
Baked sweet potatoes
Make it fun
Hasselback garlic sweet potatoes

Cheese omelet

Start your day right with a classic cheese omelet. 

The trick with omelets is to not mix the eggs too vigorously in the pan – instead, gently push the egg around until most of it is cooked and the cheese is melted. 

You can use kimchi as a topper for your egg…

Or mix it in to fully incorporate the flavors.

Why we love this recipe: it will leave you feeling full and ready to face the day.

Featured recipe
Cheese omelette
Make a favorite
Cheesy scrambled eggs
Make it decadent
Baked eggs florentine

Air fryer chicken wings

If you don’t have an air fryer yet, this is your sign to get one.

You can make crispy chicken wings with only a few sprays of oil!

This means they’re healthier, make less mess, and you’ve got less to clean up. Win win.

Why we love this recipe: you can indulge in these wings without guilt.

Featured recipe
Air fryer chicken wings
Make a favorite
Buttermilk fried chicken
Make it plant-based
Fried oyster mushrooms

Avocado toast

Avocado toast is a simple but nutritious meal that you can eat any time of day.

And you can customize it in so many ways. 

A fiery red kimchi topping will look so good up against the mashed green background.

And the creamy avocado will help offset its lip-puckering sour taste. 

Why we love this recipe: it’s perfect for your instagram feed.

Featured recipe
Avocado toast
Fire up the grill
Grilled avocado
Make it different
Air fryer avocado egg rolls

Kimchi mac and cheese

This isn’t technically a side dish, but it’s one of my favorite ways to use kimchi. 

The chopped kimchi and Korean chili paste are used as the base for the roux, giving the saucy a spicy kick.

And then you just need to mix in the cheese! This recipe uses a blend of cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan, but you can use whatever cheese you want.

Why we love this recipe: everyone will be lining up for seconds of this pasta dish.

Featured recipe
Kimchi mac and cheese
Make it different
Kimchi carbonara
Make it Japanese-inspired
Kimchi yakisoba

Korean beef sloppy joes

Are your sloppy joes getting too predictable? Switch things up with this Korean-inspired version.

Instead of sweetened tomato sauce, the ground beef is seasoned with rice vinegar, hoisin, and sriracha. Sounds weird, but trust me, it’s delicious.

Load some brioche rolls with the saucy meat filling and top it with some kimchi to cut the richness.

Why we love this recipe: it’s tasty American-Korean fusion.

Featured recipe
Korean sloppy joes
Make a classic
Best hamburger
Make it vegan
Mushroom black bean burger

Korean sushi rolls


Also known as kimbap, you’d be forgiven for thinking these were sushi at first glance.

But the main difference lies with the rice. Kimbap uses Korean rice mixed with sesame oil, while sushi uses Japanese rice seasoned with vinegar. 

This basic recipe features colorful veggies, ham, and crab sticks, making these rolls hearty and nutritious. 

Why we love this recipe: these rolls are great for picnics and lunch boxes.

Featured recipe
Korean sushi rolls (kimbap)
Make it indulgent
Tonkatsu kimbap
Make it meatless
Vegetarian kimbap

Loaded kimchi fries 

Who can resist a heaping pile of loaded fries?

Not me!

It’s got everything you could want – melted cheese, crispy fries, zesty cilantro, and a whole load of kimchi.

I like to throw some bacon on there too.

Why we love this recipe: it’s really easy to customize and make your own.

Featured recipe
Loaded kimchi fries
Make it unique
Kimchi nachos
Make it low-carb
Cauliflower fries

Croque Madame

Basic ham and cheese sandwiches are great, but if you have the extra time, treat yourself to a Croque Madame.

This French classic involves topping a regular sandwich with bechamel and fried egg – yum.

Serve this indulgent Croque Madame with kimchi for a fun and tasty twist.

Why we love this recipe: it’s the perfect treat for cheat days.

Featured recipe
Croque Madame
Keep it simple
Grilled cheese sandwich
Make it Mexican-inspired
Cheese quesadillas

Pineapple shrimp fried rice

Kimchi is often eaten with steamed rice, but why not shake things up and pair it with this fried rice instead?

It’s not your traditional Asian recipe, but adding pineapples brings a fruity sweetness that pairs superbly with the traditional savory ingredients.

Plus, it helps offset your kimchi’s bold flavors. 

Why we love this recipe: it’s way better than takeout.

Featured recipe
Shrimp pineapple fried rice
Make it low-carb
Pineapple lime cauliflower rice
Make it fusion
Kimchi fried rice

Korean dumplings


I love making these dumplings from scratch because it gives you the freedom to use any filling you want. 

This recipe goes with a traditional meat and cabbage combo, but you can try shrimp or all veggie variations.

You also have the options to fry, steam, or boil these dumplings.

Serve them with rice and kimchi for a complete and nourishing meal. 

Why we love this recipe: you can make a big batch and freeze the rest for later.

Featured recipe
Make it Chinese-style
Shu mai
Make it plant-based
Steamed mushroom dumplings

Classic deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are great party appetizers.

This basic recipe has a standard mayo-based filling that can be made a whole lot better with some simple additions.

Try pickled peppers or chopped kimchi for added heat.

Psst… not a fan of mayo? Use Greek yogurt instead.

Why we love this recipe: they won’t last long on the table.

Featured recipe
Best deviled eggs (classic)
Make it crispy
Fried deviled eggs
Make it cheesy
Asiago deviled eggs

Korean braised short ribs

Short ribs are generally tough, but a long, slow cook in a seasoned beef broth will make them fall-off-the-bone tender. 

This method will also infuse the short ribs with all the goodness from the broth, making them super tasty. 

All you need is some kimchi on the side!

Why we love this recipe: it has a 4.57 rating from 365 votes.

Featured recipe
Korean braised short ribs
Fire up the grill
Grilled kalbi short ribs
Make a favorite
Korean beef bulgogi

Beer-battered fish tacos 

I love all kinds of tacos, but this version is up there with my favorites.

The ingredient list may be lengthy, but most items are things you should already have on hand.

Psst.. skip adding the shredded cabbage and onions to these tacos and top them with kimchi for a fiery bite,

Why we love this recipe: they’re (nearly) as good as what you’d get in Mexico.

Featured recipe
Beer-battered fish tacos
Skip the fish
Homemade calamari tacos
Make it meatless
Roasted cauliflower tacos

The best side dishes to serve with kimchi

  • Korean BBQ pork
  • Twice-baked sweet potatoes
  • Cheese omelet
  • Air fryer chicken wings
  • Avocado toast
  • Kimchi mac and cheese
  • Korean beef sloppy joes
  • Korean sushi rolls
  • Loaded kimchi fries
  • Croque Madame
  • Pineapple shrimp fried rice
  • Korean dumplings
  • Classic deviled eggs
  • Korean braised short ribs
  • Beer-battered fish tacos

What To Serve With Kimchi

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your kimchi.
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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Korean
Keyword: kimchi side dishes, what to serve with kimchi
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 1 person
Calories: 21kcal


  • 1 portion kimchi


  • Prepare your kimchi according to your favorite recipe.
  • In the meantime, choose one of the following sides to serve alongside it.
  • Side dishes include: Korean bbq pork, twice-baked sweet potatoes, cheese omelet, air fryer chicken wings, avocado toast, kimchi mac and cheese, Korean beef sloppy joes, Korean sushi rolls, loaded kimchi fries, croque madame, pineapple shrimp fried rice, Korean dumplings, classic deviled eggs, Korean braised short ribs, and beer-battered fish tacos.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 21kcal

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