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What To Serve With Flank Steak – 60 Delicious Sides

If you’re wondering what to serve with your flank steak, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I list 60 of the most popular side dishes for flank steak.

In a rush? Here’s the short answer.

The best dishes to serve with flank steak are hasselback potatoes, bacon-wrapped green beans, Tex Mex couscous, and wedge salad. You can try broccoli salad and black bean corn salsa for healthier options. For indulgent options, try chili oil noodles, mac and cheese, or onion rings. 

Ready? Let’s jump right in.

Great flavor pairings for flank steak

Flank steak is one of the cheaper cuts of beef. It has a rich, beefy flavor but has a tough texture, so you’ll need to marinate or tenderize it. 

It pairs well with: 

  • Acidic flavors – naturally sour ingredients like lemon, lime, and vinegar provide a bright, tangy flavor that perfectly contrasts flank steaks’ savory notes. They’re also effective in tenderizing flank steak, resulting in a more tender, juicy steak. 
  • Umami flavors – umami-rich ingredients like soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce adds complexity and enhances the flank steak’s beefy flavor. 
  • Earthy flavors – herbs like oregano, thyme, and rosemary bring an earthy flavor that complements the flank steak’s robust, meaty flavor. Try adding them in spice rubs or marinades.


Flank steak and starchy sides are a match made in heaven.

Stick with baked potato or your favorite pasta dish if you want a traditional meal. 

Want an elegant meal? Try your hand at making risotto! 

Or go with spicy chili oil noodles if you’re in the mood for a tasty Asian twist.

Hasselback potatoes


Mashed potatoes are a predictable side, so if you want something different, try these hasselback potatoes instead.

These are a potato lover’s dream – the outsides get ultra crunchy while the insides stay oh-so-tender and fluffy. 

The slices mean the seasoning can seep right through the potato, so every bite is extra tasty. 

Then the caramelized onions and a brown butter drizzle takes things to another level – absolutely delicious. 

Featured recipe
Hasselback potatoes
Make a classic
Herb and garlic mashed potatoes
Make it decadent
Cheesy scalloped potatoes with caramelized onions 

Hot oil chili noodles

Pressed for time, but fancy a noodle dish with your steak?

These internet-famous hot oil chili noodles are the solution (if you haven’t seen them on tiktok, you’re not following the right people).

They come together in just 15 minutes, making them the ultimate last-minute dish – even during hectic weeknights.

Featured recipe
Hot chili oil noodles
Go Korean
Noodles in black bean sauce (jajangmyeon)
Make it Italian
Cacio e pepe

Orzo stuffed tomatoes

Serving flank steak at a party?

These orzo stuffed tomatoes are the perfect side dish for a group dinner.

The tomatoes are stuffed with mozzarella chunks and creamy orzo and mushroom pasta, meaning they’re gooey, warming, and filled with umami.

And each tomato is basically an individual portion, making them super easy to serve. 

Give these baked orzo stuffed tomatoes a try tonight!

Featured recipe
Baked orzo-stuffed tomatoes
Skip the oven
Creamy tomato orzo
Make it simple
Lemon butter orzo

Rosemary and garlic dinner rolls

These dinner rolls are a mainstay in my weekly meal rotation.

They’re soft, fluffy, and perfect for mopping your flank steak’s juices. 

And they have a buttery, herby flavor that everyone’s guaranteed to love! 

You’ll need some patience to make these rolls – they need two rounds of proofing, but the wait is worth it. 

Featured recipe
Rosemary and garlic dinner rolls
Make it quick
One-hour brown dinner rolls
Make it low-carb
Keto rolls 

Skillet potato and egg hash

Flank steak for brunch? Why not?! 

Serve the steak together with this skillet potato and egg hash to make it a complete and protein-filled meal.

Everything comes together in pan, which means less washing up for you. And it works for dinner or lunch too!

Featured recipe
Skillet potato and egg hash
Skip the spuds
Fried eggs
Make it indulgent
Baked egg florentine


Crispy onion rings and French fries are popular appetizers served with steak. 

Feeling adventurous? Shake things up with a show-stopping blooming onion or add a crispy bite with tortilla chips and guac. 

You can also go with a traditional bruschetta if you want something light but delicious.

Air fryer onion rings 

Onion rings are a classic side dish in steakhouses. 

Their extra crispy nature and subtle sweetness make them the ideal side dish for a simple flank steak. 

But they can get calorie-heavy since they’re usually deep-fried. 

The good news is you can make them in your air fryer! 

Follow Make You Meals’ recipe to get the best guilt-free air fryer onion rings. 

Featured recipe
Air fryer onion rings
Make a copycat
Blooming onion
Make it cozy
French onion soup



When you’re making chimichurri flank steak, tostones are the go-to accompaniment. 

Tostones are made from green plantains.

They crisp up nicely and turn golden brown when deep-fried, reminiscent of your typical potato fries. 

You can dip your crispy tostones in your steak’s chimichurri sauce or whip up a cilantro-garlic dip for extra flavor.

Featured recipe
Preheat the oven
Baked plantain chips
Make it familiar
Oven-baked potato chips

Sweet potato fries 

Potato fries are the quintessential flank steak side dish – but try these baked sweet potato fries instead if you feel like switching things up.

They’re drizzled with a garlicky, cheesy butter as they come out of the oven (which is heavenly).

And then paired with a spicy dipping sauce to balance out the sweetness.

Featured recipe
Garlic parmesan sweet potato fries
Make it different
Garlic butter smashed sweet potatoes
Make it low-carb
Zucchini fries

Guacamole and chips

Guac and chips are a tasty snack, but they’re a great side dish for flank steak too.

The crunch from the chips, combined with the guacamole’s zesty, creamy goodness is an excellent contrast to your juicy, savory steak. 

You can easily buy both in your local grocery, but I always prefer making my guacamole from scratch.

It’s ready in no time and tastes way better than the store-bought kind!

Featured recipe
Add a fruity note
Spicy pineapple guacamole
Skip the avocados
Spring pea guacamole

Italian bruschetta

Classic Italian bruschetta is an excellent appetizer for your flank steak meal. 

It’s light and refreshing, with a delectable sweet-tart flavor that cuts through your steak’s beefy flavors. 

I like using juicy Roma tomatoes but you can also use heirloom grape tomatoes to make this simple dish more colorful. 

Pssst… allow the bruschetta to marinate for 30 minutes so the flavors develop better!

Featured recipe
Italian bruschetta
Adda sweet twist
Balsamic peach bruschetta
Make it umami
Mushroom bruschetta

Vegetables and salads

Keep your flank steak meal lean and healthy with a side of veggies! 

Roasted veggies are an excellent option that require little work. But I usually go with something quick and elegant, like green bean almondine. 

Or go full retro and whip up a fun wedge salad. 

Bacon-wrapped green bean bundles


Green beans always pair well with flank steak, but sometimes they’re a bit boring. 

So why not jazz them up by wrapping them in streaky bacon?

And then take things a step further and sprinkle your bacon-wrapped green beans with brown sugar, pepper, and rosemary for the ultimate flavor boost.

One bite and you’ll be hooked.

Featured recipe
Bacon-wrapped green bean bundles
Make it indulgent
Green bean casserole
Fire up the stovetop
Green beans almondine

Wedge salad 

Want to stick with the classics?

This salad is a staple side dish for steaks in restaurants – and it’s easy to see why it’s a favorite. 

It’s a fun way of eating salad. 

Instead of a typical bowl of greens, you get a single wedge of cabbage loaded with toppings like bacon, boiled eggs, and tomatoes.

And don’t forget to drizzle the buttermilk dressing all over your loaded wedge salad and the steak!

Featured recipe
Loaded wedge salad
Make a classic
Make it dairy-free
Green goddess salad

Tex-Mex couscous salad

Want a healthy, filling side dish for your grilled flank steak that doesn’t involve leafy greens?

This Tex-Mex couscous may be just what you’re looking for. 

It’s packed to the brim with vegetables and beans, with the only leafy ingredient being cilantro.

But what really seals the deal for this dish is its tangy Tex-Mex dressing with a perfectly spicy kick.

Featured recipe
Tex-Mex couscous salad
Keep it simple
Herbed couscous
Go Greek
Mediterranean couscous

Broccoli salad


This broccoli salad doesn’t have any leafy ingredients in sight either. 

The cranberries and bacon combine to make a delicious sweet and savory flavor that’ll knock your socks off. 

And the crunch from the broccoli florets and roasted sunflower seeds provide a nice texture contrast to the tender flank steak.

 There’s no going back once you taste this tasty broccoli salad. And if you want more pairing ideas for broccoli salad, I’ve got your back.

Featured recipe
Broccoli salad
Make it fun
Roasted broccoli Caesar salad
Make it creamy
Broccoli cheese casserole

Creamed Swiss chard

This dish is a fun twist on the steakhouse classic creamed spinach.

Swiss chard tastes bitter when eaten raw, but removing its stems and cooking it down massively mellows out this bitter flavor. And the cream helps too.

This creamed swiss chard is an excellent way to get even the pickiest eaters to eat their greens.

Featured recipe
Creamed swiss chard
Back to basics
Creamed spinach
Make it easier
Sauteed spinach

Cookout favorites

Flank steak is one of the best proteins for grilling. 

I usually serve it with a side of mac and cheese for a satisfying meal that everyone – including kids – will love. 

Or why not grill some seafood on the side for a tasty surf-and-turf?

Barbecue grilled shrimp

Planning to grill your flank steak? 

Take advantage of your grill space and turn your meal into a surf and turf dinner by making these barbecue grilled shrimp.

Just be sure you have your trusty barbecue sauce recipe ready to go (like this Dr. Pepper Barbecue sauce).

And keep an eye on your shrimp!

These barbecue grilled shrimps are fully cooked and ready to be served in just nine minutes. 

Featured recipe
Barbecue grilled shrimp
Make it zesty
Tequila lime shrimp skewers
Another seafood option
Grilled crab legs

Black bean corn salsa

Add a tasty Mexican flair to your flank steak with a serving of this black bean corn salsa. 

It’s a simple dish that barely involves any cooking, especially if you choose to use ingredients like canned black beans.

Pro tip: make sure to use fresh lime juice to dress this salsa – it makes a world of difference. 

Place a heaping scoop of black bean corn salsa beside or on top of your flank steak for a burst of vibrant colors and flavors.

Featured recipe
Black bean and corn salsa
Make it ahead of time
Corn pudding
Make it effortless
Grilled chili lime honey corn on the cob

Smoked mac and cheese


Creamy, cheesy, and heartwarming – what’s not to love about this mac and cheese? Pair ti with your steak for the ultimate comfort meal.

And some smokey flavor is a welcome addition.

Pro tip: don’t skip the nutmeg in the recipe, it really lifts the dish.

Featured recipe
Smoked mac and cheese
Add veggies
Broccoli mac and cheese
Make it low-carb
Cauliflower cheese

Balsamic grilled mushroom skewers

These mushroom skewers are a fabulous addition to your cookout spread. 

The balsamic marinade adds a sweet-tart flavor and extra umami to your mushrooms, while grilling infuses them with a delectable smoky twist that takes them to another level.

Pssst… let your mushrooms soak in the marinade for at least 30 minutes for best results!

Featured recipe
Balsamic grilled mushroom skewers
Skip the grill
Caprese stuffed portobellos
Make it decadent
Creamy tuscan mushrooms

Ranch pasta salad

Pasta salads are a must in cookouts and this recipe has to be my favorite!

The rich, tangy ranch dressing isn’t just refreshing on a hot day, but it’s also an excellent contrast to your meaty grilled flank steak. 

Plus, it’s loaded with fresh veggies, bacon, and cheese – what more can you ask for?

Pro-tip: make this in advance to let the flavors meld and develop before serving. 

Featured recipe
Ranch pasta salad
Go traditional
Macaroni salad
Make it dairy-free
Pistachio pesto pasta salad 

The best side dishes for flank steak

  • Hasselback potatoes
  • Hot chili oil noodles
  • Orzo stuffed tomatoes
  • Rosemary and garlic dinner rolls
  • Skillet potato and egg hash
  • Air fryer onion rings
  • Tostones
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Guacamole and chips
  • Italian bruschetta
  • Bacon-wrapped green beans
  • Wedge salad
  • Tex-Mex couscous salad
  • Broccoli salad
  • Creamed swiss chard
  • Barbecue grilled shrimp
  • Black bean corn salsa
  • Broccoli mac and cheese
  • Balsamic grilled mushroom skewers
  • Ranch pasta salad

What To Serve With Flank Steak (60 Ideas)

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your flank steak.
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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: flank steak side dishes, what to serve with flank steak
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Servings: 1 person
Calories: 192kcal


  • 1 portion hasselback potatoes
  • 1 portion sweet potato fries
  • 1 portion wedge salad
  • 1 portion air fryer onion rings
  • 1 portion rosemary and garlic dinner rolls
  • 1 portion broccoli ma and cheese … and more


  • Prepare your flank steak according to your favorite recipe.
  • In the meantime, choose one of the following sides to serve alongside it.
  • Side dishes include: hasselback potatoes, hot chili oil noodles, orzo stuffed tomatoes, rosemary and garlic dinner rolls, skillet potato and egg hash, air fryer onion rings, tostones, sweet potato fries, guacamole and chips, italian bruschetta, bacon-wrapped green beans, wedge salad, tex-mex couscous salad, broccoli salad, creamed swiss chard, barbecue grilled shrimp, black bean corn salsa, broccoli mac and cheese, balsamic grilled mushroom skewers, and ranch pasta salad.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 192kcal

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