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What To Serve With Chicken Teriyaki – 45 Delicious Side Dishes

If you’re wondering what to serve with your chicken teriyaki, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I list 45 of the most popular side dishes for chicken teriyaki.

In a rush? Here’s the short answer.

The best side dishes to serve with chicken teriyaki are coconut lime cauliflower rice, teriyaki noodles, bao buns, Asian sesame ginger slaw, and Japanese cucumber salad. You can also try vegetable dumplings, tempura, lemon ginger broccoli, or grilled bok choy.

Ready? Let’s jump right in.

Coconut lime cauliflower rice

Cutting back on carbs? Cauliflower is a great alternative to traditional rice. 

It’s got a subtle nutty flavor, which melds really well with the refreshing coconut and lime seasoning in this recipe.

Serve alongside your chicken teriyaki for a satisfying, healthy meal.

Why we love this recipe: it’s great for meal prep.

Featured recipe
Coconut lime cauliflower “rice”
Change the flavor
Cauliflower egg fried rice
Go traditional
Asian rice pilaf

Cucumber salad

Also known as sunomono, this dish is often served as an appetizer at Japanese restaurants. 

But I enjoy it as a side dish – its sharp, vinegary flavor is perfect for cleansing your palate between bites of sticky teriyaki. 

Psst… for best results use Japanese or Persian cucumbers.

Why we love this recipe: it’s a no-cook option.

Featured recipe
Japanese cucumber salad
Change the flavor
Spicy smashed cucumber salad
Make it different
Japanese pickled cucumber with soy sauce

Grilled bok choy with ponzu sauce

Bok choy is one of my favorite vegetables, and it’s absolutely fabulous grilled. 

The leafy edges get delightfully charred, while the stems turn crisp-tender.

But the true game changer in this dish is the ponzu dipping sauce. 

It has a light, tart flavor, reminiscent of a vinaigrette, that will work perfectly with your teriyaki chicken.

Why we love this recipe: one serving is only 60 calories.

Featured recipe
Grilled bok choy with ponzu sauce
Skip the grill
Ginger soy bok choy
Make it unique
Steamed bok choy cups

Teriyaki noodles


Got some sauce leftover from making your teriyaki chicken? 

Don’t throw it out – use it to whip up these teriyaki noodles for a quick and tasty side dish! 

This recipe uses brown rice noodles, but if you don’t have them, ramen noodles or even spaghetti pasta should do the trick.

Why we love this recipe: it’s perfect even for busy weeknight dinners.

Featured recipe
15-minute teriyaki noodles
Make it spicy
Chili garlic noodles
Make it fun
Crispy fried noodles

Lemon ginger broccoli

Steaming is the healthiest way to cook broccoli, but it can leave it soggy and bland.

Luckily, it’s an easy fix. 

Stop cooking the broccoli as soon as it turns a vibrant bright green, then toss the florets in the citrusy lemon-ginger sauce. 


Why we love this recipe: it transforms a simple ingredient into something really tasty.

Featured recipe
Lemon ginger broccoli
Preheat the oven
Asian roasted carrots and broccoli
Make it spicy
Sriracha honey roasted broccoli

Miso butter mushrooms

You’ll never want to make plain mushrooms again once you taste this recipe. 

Mushrooms are already packed with umami flavors, but adding miso-garlic butter to the mix amps up the umami flavor even more, making them simply irresistible.

Enjoy your chicken teriyaki with steamed rice and a serving of these mushrooms on the side.

Why we love this recipe: it’s a flavor party for your tastebuds.

Featured recipe
Sesame garlic miso butter mushroom
Make it crispy
Mushroom fries
Make a starter
Shiitake mushroom soup

Chili lime grilled pineapple

Grilling your teriyaki chicken? Chuck some pineapples on the grill too.

They’ll taste great plain, but to make them even more delicious, try seasoning them with a mix of chili powder and lime juice.

You’ll get smoky-sweet pineapples that remind you of being on a Caribbean island.

Why we love this recipe: you only need four ingredients.

Featured recipe
Chili lime grilled pineapple
Add a savory note
Bacon-wrapped pineapple
Change the flavor
Watermelon tajin skewers

Asian sesame ginger slaw

If you need a healthy, hearty dish to serve with your chicken teriyaki, look no further than this Asian-style slaw.

It uses quinoa, which means it’s a lot more satisfying than your traditional cabbage slaw mix.

Why we love this recipe: it’s Insta-worthy.

Featured recipe
Asian sesame ginger slaw
Make it Japanese-style
Japanese coleslaw
Stick with the classics
Homemade creamy coleslaw

Japanese potato salad

This isn’t an ordinary potato salad. 

Instead of big chunks of potato, you have a creamy, chunky mash that’s studded with carrots, corn, hard-boiled eggs, and cucumber.

Psst… if you can’t find kewpie mayo, you can make your own by following this recipe

Why we love this recipe: it has 4.88 stars from 188 votes.

Featured recipe
Japanese potato salad
Go traditional
Creamy potato salad
Make it warm
Roasted sweet potatoes with miso tahini butter

Spicy sesame zoodles

If you want a light side you can whip up in 10 minutes, these sesame zoodles are the way to go. 

You can serve them raw, but a quick boil makes them lovely and tender.

But what makes this dish really stand out is its creamy sesame sauce.

The earthy sesame flavor will help mellow out the sweetness of the teriyaki chicken.

Why we love this recipe: it’s super healthy but not boring.

Featured recipe
Spicy sesame zoodles
Make a salad
Asian zucchini noodle salad
Make it different
Butternut squash lo mein

Vegetable dumplings

Take inspiration from a Japanese bento box and pair your chicken teriyaki with some veggie dumplings (or gyoza).

I like the pan fried version, because you get a crispy bottom and a soft top.

But you can fully steam or fry them too.

Why we love this recipe: the dumplings are fun to make and they freeze really well.

Featured recipe
Vegetable dumplings
Make it no-cook
Fresh spring rolls
Make it crunchy
Rice paper dumplings

Spicy roasted edamame

Boiled edamame has a naturally sweet, buttery taste, but why not kick things up a notch by tossing them in chili oil and then roasting them?

Roasting brings out a nutty note in the edamame beans and gives them some crunch.

Warning: these are so addictive you might polish off the whole sheet pan. 

Psst… learn how to reheat edamame here.

Why we love this recipe: you won’t need to worry about having leftovers!

Featured recipe
Spicy roasted edamame
Skip the oven
Blistered edamame with chili and garlic
Make a salad
Edamame crunch salad

Vegetable tempura

Pair your chicken teriyaki with a platter of freshly fried tempura for a fun Japanese feast.

Coating your shrimp in the tempura batter allows a lightly crisp coating to form as your shrimp becomes juicy. 

Just ensure your oil is hot enough to achieve this, or you’ll end up with a soggy mess. 

Why we love this recipe: it works as a starter or a side.

Featured recipe
Vegetable tempura
Try surf and turf
Coconut shrimp
Something else crunchy
Homemade egg rolls

Summer couscous salad

Tired of the usual leafy greens salad? 

Give this couscous salad a try – it’s loaded with fresh and vibrant tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers.

All it needs is some protein… hello chicken teriyaki!

Why we love this recipe: it works with quinoa or barley too.

Featured recipe
Summer couscous salad
Skip the couscous
Shirazi salad
Keep it simple
Couscous with peas

Steamed bao buns


You can buy frozen baos in your local Asian grocer, but you’ll get extra boasting rights if you make your own bao buns. 

You’ll need some patience while you wait for the steamed bao buns to proof, but it will give you plenty of time to assemble your other dishes. 

Fill the soft fluffy buns with some teriyaki chicken and asian slaw for a yummy treat. 

Why we love this recipe: it’s nice and detailed so suitable for beginners too.

Featured recipe
Steamed bao buns
Make it unique
Crispy teriyaki rice balls
Go Mexican
Chicken teriyaki tacos

What vegetables go with chicken teriyaki?

Bok choy, broccoli, green beans, or stir fried peppers are the best vegetable sides for chicken teriyaki. Try okra for something different, or peas if you want something really simple.

The best vegetable sides to serve with chicken teriyaki

What To Serve With Chicken Teriyaki

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your chicken teriyaki.
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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American, Asian
Keyword: chicken teriyaki side dishes, what to serve with chicken teriyaki
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 1 person
Calories: 149kcal


  • 1 portion chicken teriyaki


  • Prepare your chicken teriyaki according to your favorite recipe.
  • In the meantime, choose one of the following sides to serve alongside it.
  • Side dishes include: coconut lime cauliflower rice, cucumber salad, grilled bok choy with ponzu sauce, teriyaki noodles, lemon ginger broccoli, miso butter mushrooms, chili lime grilled pineapple, Asian sesame ginger slaw, Japanese potato salad, spicy sesame zoodles, vegetable dumplings, spicy roasted edamame, vegetable tempura, summer couscous salad, and steamed bao buns.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 149kcal

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