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What To Serve With Chicken And Waffles – 15 Tasty Sides

If you’re wondering what to serve with your chicken and waffles, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I list 15 of the most popular side dishes for chicken and waffles.

In a rush? Here’s the short answer.

The best dishes to serve with chicken and waffles are cream cheese mashed potatoes, rainbow fruit salad, Korean slaw, and mac and cheese. Try arugula salad, roasted asparagus, and collard greens for healthier options. Try baked apples, peach salsa, and candied bacon for unusual and tasty dishes.

Ready? Let’s jump right in.

Cream cheese mashed potatoes

Tired of your predictable mashed potatoes?

Why not try jazzing them up with cream cheese?

Not only will the cream cheese make your mashed potatoes ultra-creamy and fluffy, but it also adds a delicious tangy flavor.

Whether you’re making chicken and waffles for brunch or dinner, these cream cheese mashed potatoes are an ideal accompaniment for an indulgent meal. 

Rainbow fruit salad

Make this rainbow fruit salad if you want to lean more on the sweeter side of chicken and waffles.

It’s loaded with fresh, perfectly ripe fruits tossed in a lime and honey dressing.

The simple dressing allows you to enjoy the natural sweetness of the fruits. 

Make this honey lime rainbow salad as a nourishing breakfast side to your chicken and waffles. 

Korean slaw

Spice up your chicken and waffles with this Korean slaw.

This dish is like your traditional coleslaw, just with added kimchi flavors.

The veggies are tossed in a vinegar-based dressing with a dollop of gochujang (Korean chili paste).

The spicy-tangy flavors of this slaw cut through the richness of your fried chicken and waffles.

Get the full Korean spicy slaw recipe here.

Mac and cheese


This is as traditional as mac and cheese can get – it’s made of basic ingredients you already have and comes together in just 20 minutes. 

Still, serving this classic cheesy noodle dish with your chicken and waffles will make you feel like a kid again. 

Just imagine mopping up the creamy cheese sauce with your waffles? Absolutely delish. 

For the days when you just want to have simple but delicious comfort food, this one-pot mac and cheese has your back. 



Add a fresh, healthy dish to your chicken and waffles with this succotash. 

It’s a simple and easy dish that comes together in just one pan. 

The vegetables are cooked in bacon grease to make them super flavorful. 

Aside from flavor and nutrition, this succotash also adds splashes of vibrant colors to your chicken and waffles.

Cheesy grits

Want to add another classic Southern dish to your chicken and waffles?

You can’t go wrong with cheesy grits.

Besides cheddar cheese, I also like to throw in a handful of minced jalapenos to add a spicy kick and a subtle hint of smokiness. 

For the complete Southern breakfast treatment, prop some sauteed shrimp on your jalapeno cheddar cheese grits.

You might need to have a nap after this meal.

Sweet potato casserole

Check out this gorgeous fluffy and crunchy sweet potato casserole.

The mashed sweet potatoes are delightfully velvety and not overly sweet.

But what sets this recipe apart is the pecan streusel on top. 

It adds an irresistibly delicious buttery crunch to every bite.

Make your chicken and waffles festive with a generous serving of this sweet potato casserole with pecan topping on the side.

Spicy collard greens

Make your chicken and waffles dinner a complete, nourishing meal with a side of these spicy collard greens.

Tender greens with a tangy, spicy kick are the ideal contrast to fried chicken and sweet waffles.

These spicy collard greens take a little more time and effort than other side dishes, but they’re genuinely worth it.

Arugula salad

Looking for something quick and easy to serve with your chicken and waffles?

You’ll only need six ingredients and 15 minutes to put together this arugula salad.

This arugula salad is the ideal last-minute dish to prepare during busy weeknights. 

Roasted asparagus

Turn your chicken and waffles into a classic brunch meal with this roasted asparagus recipe.

It’s straightforward to make, plus roasting the asparagus brings out their natural sweetness, making them a whole lot tastier. 

To make it even more fitting for brunch, why not drizzle some hollandaise sauce over them too?

Foodie Crush’s roasted asparagus recipe includes a quick 3-ingredient hollandaise sauce you can whip up in minutes.

Quick-pickled okra 

Try this quick-pickled okra to add another Southern cuisine favorite to your chicken and waffles!

Like other quick pickles, this involves no cooking – you just have to heat your vinegar mixture. 

Another great thing about this quick-pickled okra is how customizable it is.

You can add more sugar to make it sweeter or even jalapenos for a spicy kick.

Pro Tip: always use fresh okra to avoid ending up with a slimy texture.

Tomato bacon chutney

Elevate your chicken and waffles with the help of this bacon chutney.

It’s loaded with sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors that make it simply irresistible.

It’s easy to make, and you can finish it off in the oven or your slow cooker. 

Put a dollop of this tomato bacon chutney on your waffles for that perfect combination of sweet and tangy flavors in every bite.

Peach salsa

Brighten up your chicken and waffles with a helping of this peach salsa. 

Like your typical salsa, this is packed with red onions, jalapenos, and cilantro.

Add a refreshingly sweet and spicy bite to your chicken and waffles with this effortless peach salsa.

Maple candied bacon

This maple candied bacon will be a massive hit at your next brunch party. 

Crispy, savory bacon covered in sweet maple syrup – it’ll be hard to find a meat-eater who can say no to this treat.

Serve these maple candied bacon rashers alongside your chicken and waffles for an ultimate maple-filled brunch meal.

Baked apples

Make your brunch more exciting with a helping of these baked apples on the side. 

These are traditionally eaten for dessert. But after all, brunch has no rules, right?

Want to spice things up? Scoop a spoonful of the apples’ sauce over your waffles in place of the usual syrup.

It adds a deliciously warm cinnamon twist to the meal.

Whatever the season is, these cinnamon baked apples will make you feel like it’s fall. 

The best side dishes for chicken and waffles

  • Cream cheese mashed potatoes
  • Rainbow fruit salad
  • Korean slaw
  • Mac and cheese
  • Succotash
  • Cheesy grits
  • Sweet potato casserole
  • Spicy collard greens
  • Arugula salad
  • Roasted asparagus
  • Quick-pickled okra
  • Tomato bacon chutney
  • Peach salsa
  • Maple candied bacon
  • Baked apples

What To Serve With Chicken And Waffles

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your chicken and waffles.
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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: chicken and waffles side dishes, what to serve with chicken and waffles
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Servings: 1 person
Calories: 289kcal


  • 1 portion chicken and waffles


  • Prepare your chicken and waffles according to your favorite recipe.
  • In the meantime, choose one of the following sides to serve alongside it.
  • Side dishes include: cream cheese mashed potatoes, rainbow fruit salad, Korean slaw, mac and cheese, succotash, cheesy grits, sweet potato casserole, spicy collard greens, arugula salad, roasted asparagus, quick-pickled okra, tomato bacon chutney, peach salsa, maple candied bacon, and baked apples.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 289kcal

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