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What To Serve With Chateaubriand – 39 BEST Side Dishes

If you’re wondering what to serve with your chateaubriand, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I list 39 of the most popular side dishes for chateaubriand.

In a rush? Here’s the short answer.

The best side dishes to serve with chateaubriand are fondant potatoes, creamed spinach, mashed cauliflower, and lemon green beans. You can also serve minted peas, watercress salad, and Yorkshire puddings. For a luxurious meal, go for baked lobster tails or truffle and mushroom risotto. 

Ready? Let’s jump right in.

Rosemary fondant potatoes

Potatoes in any form are fabulous with chateaubriand, but I especially love it with some fancy fondant potatoes.

This French dish involves potato cylinders with golden, crispy crusts and an irresistible fork-tender middle. 

It’s simple but oh-so-tasty, thanks to the butter, rosemary, and vegetable broth (or one of these vegetable broth substitutes).

Remember to pour some of your chateaubriand’s sauce over the spuds!

Why we love this recipe: they make any meal look refined.

Featured recipe
Rosemary fondant potatoes
Make it Insta-worthy
Duchess potatoes
Make a classic
Buttery chateau potatoes

Oven-roasted cherry tomatoes

Such an impressive cut of meat deserves an elegant side.

And cherry tomatoes are fabulous when roasted.

The high heat draws out their natural sugars, giving you a tart and caramelized flavor combo that will mix so well with your chateaubriand.

Why we love this recipe: it will bring a brilliant pop of color to the plate.

Featured recipe
Oven-roasted cherry tomatoes
Make it fresh
Balsamic tomato salad
Skip the oven
Blistered cherry tomatoes

Black truffle and mushroom risotto

Serving chateaubriand for a dinner date? Go the extra mile with this lavish truffle and mushroom pasta. 

Adding truffle butter gives the creamy sauce a complex, earthy twist that’s simply irresistible. 

It also uses shiitake mushrooms, ensuring each bite is packed with umami goodness. 

Psst… want to make this even more decadent? Mix in some freshly shaven truffle mushrooms. 

Why we love this recipe: there’s not much not to love!

Featured recipe
Black truffle and mushroom risotto
Make it cheesy
Truffle mac and cheese
Make a classic
Authentic cacio e pepe

Creamed spinach

Enjoy the complete steakhouse experience in the comfort of your home with a meal of chateaubriand and creamed spinach. 

This indulgent side dish is such a breeze to make and a great way of sneaking extra veggies into picky eaters.

Stuck on whether to use fresh or frozen spinach? 

If you want an almost puree-like consistency, go with frozen spinach. For a more rough texture, use fresh spinach.

Why we love this recipe: it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Featured recipe
Creamed spinach
Fire up the oven
Spinach gratin
Make it healthier
Lighter creamed spinach

Lemon garlic green beans

Want something quick and easy to serve with your chateaubriand? These lemon green beans are the way to go. 

In just 10 minutes, you’ll have vibrant, perfectly crisp-tender green beans with a refreshing, citrusy flavor – just what you need with your meaty steak. 

Why we love this recipe: they’re a trusty side dish whatever the occasion.

Featured recipe
Pan-fried lemon garlic green beans
Make it decadent
Green beans in creamy parmesan sauce
Make a salad
Green bean salad with blue cheese

Miso maple roasted brussels sprouts

Have you ever tried using the oven floor for roasting? 

The oven floor gives you the hottest heat, almost like direct heat, that’ll yield perfectly crispy and charred sprouts in just 20 minutes. 

And this recipe takes things even further by tossing the roasted sprouts in a finger-licking good miso maple sauce.

Why we love this recipe: everyone will be clamoring for seconds of these sprouts.

Featured recipe
Miso maple roasted brussels sprouts
Make it creamy
Cheesy brussels sprouts bake
Ditch the oven
Perfect crispy brussels sprouts

Baked lobster tails

Enjoy your chateaubriand with a side of these buttery lobster tails for a luxurious surf-and-turf meal. 

Lobster tails don’t need a lot to make them perfect – a simple drizzle of garlic butter sauce will do the trick.


Why we love this recipe: it’s restaurant-quality.

Featured recipe
Baked lobster tails
Fire up the grill
Grilled Cajun garlic butter lobster tails
Keep it simple
Butter-poached lobster tails

Watercress salad

On a summer’s day it’s a no-brainer to serve your chateaubriand with a fresh, crisp side like this watercress salad. 

Unlike the usual romaine or butter lettuce, watercress has a natural peppery taste that makes it ideal for indulgent dishes. 

But don’t worry – a simple tart vinaigrette and Granny smith apples make sure it isn’t too peppery!

Why we love this recipe: there’s no actual cooking involved.

Featured recipe
Watercress salad
Make it citrusy
Watercress and orange salad
Make it warm
Sauteed watercress with garlic

Herbed steak fries

Mashed cauliflower

Cauliflower mash started off as a low-carb alternative to potatoes, but now you see it all the time in restaurants because of how tasty it is.

This recipe uses sour cream, which makes the mash smooth and creamy.

But the game changer in this recipe is the extra step of browning the butter, adding a deliciously complex, nutty flavor. 

Why we love this recipe: each serving only has 126 calories.

Featured recipe
Cauliflower mashed “potatoes”
Another healthy alternative
Mashed rutabaga with sour cream and dill
Stick with the basics
Roasted garlic mashed potatoes

Minted peas

Take inspiration from Irish cuisine and whip up these classic minted peas to pair with your chateaubriand.

Peas are often overlooked, but they offer a delicate sweetness that’s easily enhanced by the addition of fresh mint.

Pro-tip: for best results use fresh peas, but frozen ones will work in a pinch.

Why we love this recipe: it’s refreshing and clean.

Featured recipe
Minted peas
Make it indulgent
Cheesy creamed peas and potatoes
Preheat the oven
Brown butter and garlic roasted peas

Rosemary gruyere popovers

Give your chateaubriand the Sunday roast treatment by serving it with some freshly baked Yorkshire puddings!

These golden treats are light, fluffy, and delightfully crisp, perfect for mopping up every drop of your chateaubriand’s juices. 

Pro-tip: use a cold batter, so when it comes in contact with the hot oil it will puff up nicely.

Why we love this recipe: you only need basic pantry staples to make it.

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Rosemary gruyere popovers
Make it plain
The best Yorkshire puddings
Change the flavor
Herby mustard yorkies

Sweet potato fries

Fries are a classic accompaniment to steak, but why not switch things up with sweet potato fries? 

This recipe seasons them with a garlic powder and smoked paprika blend, bringing a savory note to their inherent sweetness.

Psst… the trick to avoiding soggy fries? Add cornstarch to your seasoning blend. It will absorb any extra moisture from the spuds. 

Why we love this recipe: they’re highly addictive.

Featured recipe
Sweet potato fries
Make it low-carb
Baked parmesan zucchini fries
Stick with the basics
Triple cooked fries

Blue cheese broccoli salad

Get creative with broccoli by turning it into a salad.

The addition of blue cheese will bring a touch of sophistication to the meal, as well as a salty flavor to go with the earth broccoli.

Psst… you can use cauliflower in the salad too.

Why we love this recipe: you can throw it together in just 15 minutes.

Featured recipe
Blue cheese and broccoli salad
Make a slaw
Broccoli slaw with blue cheese
Make it familiar
Classic wedge salad

The best side dishes to serve with chateaubriand

  • Rosemary fondant potatoes
  • Oven-roasted cherry tomatoes
  • Black truffle and mushroom risotto
  • Creamed spinach
  • Lemon garlic green beans
  • Miso maple roasted brussels sprouts
  • Baked lobster tails
  • Watercress salad
  • Mashed cauliflower
  • Minted peas
  • Rosemary gruyere popovers
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Blue cheese broccoli salad

What To Serve With Chateaubriand

In this short recipe, I show you exactly what to serve with your chateaubriand.
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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: British
Keyword: chateaubriand side dishes, what to serve with chateaubriand
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 1 person
Calories: 139kcal


  • 1 portion chateaubriand


  • Prepare your chateaubriand according to your favorite recipe.
  • In the meantime, choose one of the following sides to serve alongside it.
  • Side dishes include: rosemary fondant potatoes, oven-roasted cherry tomatoes, black truffle and mushroom risotto, creamed spinach, lemon garlic green beans, miso maple roasted brussels sprouts, baked lobster tails, watercress salad, mashed cauliflower, minted peas, rosemary gruyere popovers, sweet potato fries, and blue cheese broccoli salad.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


Serving: 100g | Calories: 139kcal

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