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Pint Inflation Across The UK: Interactive Map

The average price of a pint of Carling in a Wetherspoons pub has increased by 11% year on year, but how does this look at a venue level?

To read the map: Each bubble represents a Wetherspoons pub. Red bubbles indicate YOY inflation and blue bubbles represent YOY deflation. The shade of the bubble indicates the % change, and the size of the bubble indicates the absolute £ change.


  • The average price of a pint of Carling in a Wetherspoons pub is £3.35 (Oct 2023).
  • This has increased by 11% since October 2022, or by 32p.
  • 740 Wetherspoons pubs have seen inflation over the last year, 58 have seen deflation, and 5 saw no price change.


The Wetherspoons pubs with the highest inflation rates are:

  • The Rann Wartha, Cornwall at 42.2%.
  • The John Francis Basset, Cornwall at 42.2%.
  • The Thomas Frost, Liverpool at 31.7%.

The Barrel Vault in St Pancras, London saw the highest absolute increase at £1.13.

The Wetherspoons pubs with the highest deflation rates are:

  • The Golden Beam, Leeds at -20.1%.
  • The Myrtle Grove, West Yorkshire at -19.7%.
  • The Prense Well, Wirral at -16.8%.

The Golden Beam, Leeds also saw the largest absolute price drop at 70p.


For any press and media inquiries, or for access to any specific base data, please contact Veronica at [email protected].


We obtained drinks prices from every Wetherspoons in the UK using the Wetherspoons mobile ordering app[1].

The 2022 dataset was collected on 1st October 2022, and the 2023 dataset was collected on 3rd October 2023.

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