Pantry & Larder Acquires Sweetest Kitchen (Pantry & Larder), a leader in the food blogging space, has acquired Sweetest Kitchen. The official acquisition date is 21st April 2022.

About Sweetest Kitchen

Sweetest Kitchen was an established recipe and dessert blog, operating from 2008 to 2022.

The blog was founded by Jamieanne Hassler with the intention of sharing simple and delicious sweet desserts with the world.

Sweetest Kitchen has won several awards including:

  • National Geographic Cupcake Competition (November 2008)
  • Iron Cupcake: Earth Competition (December 2008)
  • Green Tea Powder’s Matcha Contest – second place (December 2009)
  • ABC delicious magazine’s Share the Love Competition (July 2013)

About Pantry & Larder

Since August 2020, Pantry & Larder has operated as a dedicated resource for preserving and reheating food. All of the content has been thoroughly tested and reviewed by expert chefs and cooking veterans.

In 2022, Pantry & Larder expanded into recipe creation and advanced topics such as substituting food ingredients.

Here’s a taster of some of the articles you can expect on Pantry & Larder.

Cooking tips



Food storage

Pairing Ideas

Veronica Fletcher, the founder of Pantry & Larder, shared her thoughts about the acquisition:

Sweetest Kitchen is one of the oldest and best resources online for learning how to create exceptional desserts, cakes, and sweet treats. We are extremely excited to acquire Sweetest Kitchen and continue developing delicious recipes.

Veronica F, founder of Pantry & Larder