UK Food Hygiene Rankings By Cuisine

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Here are the dirtiest takeaways according to our live food hygiene data.

View the live map: Grubby Grub


The following CSV files contain the entire data set for the relevant category.

Fast food
Fish and chips
Chicken shop
Takeaway / delivery


A complete download of UK FSA food hygiene rating data is processed at least once every 24 hours. The data is then cross referenced to our internal data set, mapping each business to its corresponding Google Business Profile 'Business Type'.

Establishments with an "exempt" category have been excluded from the data set.

When viewing the map, "Showing All Failing Establishments" displays every business in the UK that's failed its latest hygiene inspection.

We have curated a list of 'filters' to only show certain cuisines or restaurant types. More filters will be added in due course. If you have a suggestion for a filter, please don't hesitate to email us at the address below.

Brand new businesses may take several days to be included in our data set. This is a manual process.

What counts as 'failing'?

Any of the following classifications:

  • 0 - Needs Urgent Improvement
  • 1 - Needs Major Improvement
  • 2 - Needs Some Improvement
  • Improvement Required (Scotland)

Why isn't my local "kebab/takeaway/etc" shown?

There's a possibility that the business has been miscategorised on its Google Business Profile listing. If so, it won't be included in the relevant category until the business updates its 'business type'.

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