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BEST Eden Cheese Substitutes + 2 To Avoid

I personally taste-tested various Eden cheese substitutes to find the best one for every occasion. Whether you’re on the hunt for the closest flavor match, in need of a last-minute pantry substitute, or want a swap that fits your diet, I’ve got the answers.

Velveeta or American cheese are the best substitutes for Eden cheese. Or if you want a more natural cheese, you can’t go wrong with a cheddar. Edam cheese is also a good substitute and has a slightly more complex flavor profile with nutty notes.

The experiment

I made a batch of Filipino-style spaghetti to put several Eden cheese substitutes to the test.

Eden cheese is a block of milky yellow processed cheese. It has a soft texture and a creamy, lightly salty flavor with a hint of tang. This flavor profile has made it a popular ingredient for several Filipino dishes and desserts.

I was looking for a substitute that had the same creamy flavor and is easier to find! Here are the substitutes I tested and my verdicts:

Velveeta/American cheeseCheap and readily available 10/10
Cheddar cheeseMild cheddar best9/10
Monterey Jack cheeseAlso has a lightly spicy version called Pepper Jack9/10 
Edam cheeseNutty flavor8/10 
Swiss Emmental cheeseGreat for melting8/10

Velveeta Or American cheese

Velveeta or American cheese are the closest substitutes for Eden cheese. Like Eden, these are processed cheese products that feature a blend of different cheeses mixed with emulsifiers and stabilizers to create a smooth, creamy block of cheesy goodness. 

You can use either substitute, but go with Velveeta if you want to replicate Eden’s saltiness. Don’t be put off by the bright orange color! American cheese is better if you prefer a less salty option.

Both kinds of cheese melt excellently, so you can use them in any dish that calls for Eden cheese. They’re both budget-friendly too.

How to substitute: Replace Eden cheese in a 1:1 ratio with either Velveeta or American cheese.

Cheddar cheese

Not a fan of processed cheese products? Stick with good old cheddar instead. The flavor is dependent on the cheddar’s age. Younger cheddar that’s been aged for three to six months offers a mildly creamy, slightly salty flavor and a hint of tang very similar to Eden cheese. 

While the cheddars that have been aged for several months or years have a sharper, saltier flavor. They also won’t melt as easily.

I went with the block of mild cheddar sitting in my fridge, and it tasted superb sprinkled over my spaghetti. Psst… it’s also amazing for cheese on toast.

How to substitute: Replace Eden cheese in a 1:1 ratio with either mild or sharp cheddar cheese.

Monterey Jack cheese

Monterey Jack is another mildly creamy cheese you can use instead of Eden cheese, but it’s less salty. This is an easy fix though, all you need to do is add an extra pinch of salt to your recipe if you feel like it needs it.

This Californian cheese has a similar milky-yellow color to Eden and is equally easy to grate and slice. And why stop at regular Monterey Jack? You can also experiment with, pepper Jack cheese, which is studded with spicy peppers.

You can also find garlic and herb Jack, habanero Jack, chipotle Jack, and Colby-Jack (which is a mixture of Monterey Jack and the slightly stronger Colby cheese.

How to substitute: Replace Eden cheese in a 1:1 ratio with either Monterey Jack or pepper Jack cheese.

Edam cheese

If you happen to have edam cheese on hand, you’re in luck – it’s a solid substitute for Eden cheese if you want something with a bit more depth to it.

Edam cheese has a more complex flavor profile than Eden cheese, boasting a light nutty twist. It tasted superb with my sweet Filipino spaghetti, and I also love using it in baked goods like bread.

Here’s a fun fact: Edam cheese is also popular in the Philippines, where it’s known as ‘quezo de bola‘, so you’d still be adding some Filipino flair to your dish. 

How to substitute: Replace Eden cheese in a 1:1 ratio with edam cheese.

Swiss emmental cheese

Another more flavorsome cheese you can consider is emmental cheese. Like Edam, it’s lightly nutty with a sweet undertone. But the thing that makes this cheese really stand out is its ability to melt into a creamy liquid.

It gives you the best stretchy cheese pull! I highly recommend it as a substitute for Eden cheese in baked pasta dishes and pastries.

Psst… Did you know the holes are due to carbon dioxide bubbles that get trapped in the cheese while it’s undergoing fermentation?

How to substitute: Replace Eden cheese in a 1:1 ratio with Swiss emmental cheese.

Other substitutes to consider

The suggestions above are my top Eden cheese substitutes, but the list doesn’t end there! Here are some more options you can try if you have them on hand.

  • Colby cheese: This cheese is less rich and less salty than Eden cheese. You can slice, grate, and melt it easily, making it extremely versatile. 
  • Young gouda cheese: This cheese has a similar mild, creaminess to Eden but has a more prominent sweetness.
  • Mozzarella cheese: This has a milder flavor than Eden cheese and a lighter tang. It’s perfect for melting because it gets super gooey.
  • Cheez Whiz: This is another processed cheese product like Eden. But it already comes in a creamy “melted” form, so you can’t grate it.

Substitutes to avoid

Feta and ricotta cheese were some of the suggestions I came across during my research that didn’t work out well in my experiment.  Although you can crumble feta, its tangy-salty flavor strayed too far from Eden cheese. Ricotta also didn’t work out because its texture is too different from Eden cheese.

BEST Eden Cheese Substitutes + 2 To Avoid

I tested several different Eden cheese substitutes to find the best one.
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Course: Ingredient
Cuisine: Asian
Keyword: eden cheese substitutes, substitutes for eden cheese
Prep Time: 12 minutes
Total Time: 12 minutes
Servings: 1 person
Calories: 62kcal


  • 100 g Velveeta or American cheese
  • 100 g Cheddar cheese
  • 100 g Monterey Jack cheese
  • 100 g Edam cheese
  • 100 g Swiss Emmental Cheese


  • Cook your meal according to the recipe.
  • Add your chosen Eden cheese substitute at the appropriate cooking time.
  • Mix until thoroughly combined and continue with the recipe.


Serving: 100g | Calories: 62kcal

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