Are you team flats or drums?

Whatever your preference, take a look at the interactive map below to see how your state compares to others when it comes to its love for wings (and see how to reheat those wings here!).

Total chicken wings consumption in units per person per year.

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Total chicken wings consumption in units per person per year.

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  • 5% of all wings consumed throughout the year will be eaten on one day – the day of the Superbowl.

  • The wings vs flats debate is finally settled. 46% of Americans prefer the meatier drumette, while 25% prefer the crispier flats. 10% prefer the whole wing, and 19% have no preference.

  • A total of 28 Billion wings are consumed in America each year. If you put all those wings in one line, they’d take you to the moon and back 3 times.

  • 54% of Americans prefer traditional ‘bone-in’ wings – whereas 46% prefer the boneless variety.

Do you eat more or less than your state’s average amount of wings per person?

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Methodology & Sources
We obtained annual national consumption data from the official National Chicken Council[1] and apportioned it based on a state-level trends report[2]. Figures are estimates. Data has been normalized to factor population by state[3].